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GVS Filter Technology - Life Sciences

With 40 years of experience, the GVS Group has grown to become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of micro-porous and track etched membrane and microfiltration devices for applications in Healthcare, Automotive, Life Science, Personal Protection, HVAC and Appliance industries, outdoor power equipment, powersport and on-and off highway commercial vehicle markets.

Technological innovation has always had top priority on GVS’ corporate agenda, as well as constant commitment and dedication to product and process quality improvement through a globalization of our services with 12 manufacturing plants around the world. That’s why GVS is in an ideal position today to successfully meet the new and increasingly demanding challenges of the global market.

With 40 years of experience in injection molding with large and very large volumes (1-100 million pcs) and in high-precision mechanical processing, the GVS Group automotive division successfully meets the quality and efficiency requirements of automakers. GVS collaborates with the automotive.

The GVS Group Automotive Original Equipment 

GVS is the world leader in the production of injection-molded ventilation valves, with applications ranging from temperature, water and oil sensors, electronic power boxes and ABS control, electric windshield wipers, and lighting systems to innovative mechatronics. GVS produces high-volume filters for low, medium and high pressure fuel and diesel injector systems. 

Highly technological and innovative design capacity allows GVS to solve all clients’ steering, transmission, ABS and braking filter needs, especially for elements and special solutions with fuel tank filters that have to be inserted in limited space, therefore optimizing the performance of the final product. 

By applying the GVS philosophy and investing in new technologies, GVS has become a leading firm in the manufacturing of throttle valves in aluminum, brass and special alloys. Recent investments in GVS’ South America and Romania facilities, for instance, have been made for the development of a line of components for throttle bodies, shafts, drive-by-wires, air intake filters and butterfly valves for air intank systems.

While GVS experience in injection molding technology has been specialized over the years in the production of high precision automotive filters and components, gears and shaft, we are now able to solve our customers’ technical needs with any other plastic components and products.

industries’ worldwide manufacturers to achieve the required performances; from the initial stages of developing the design of the product, to the creation of the prototype, right up through industrial manufacture using the most innovative production techniques. GVS is a leading supplier and innovator in the sector of in-tank fuel filters, ABS filtration component systems, low and high pressure gasoline injection systems, high pressure common rail diesel, automatic transmissions, throttle valves and fuel tanks, ventilation membranes for mechatronics applications, sensors and CPU. With factories in Brazil, Romania, US and China, GVS is a global leader in automotive filtration and a leader in the manufacture of throttle valves, gears and shafts for DBW throttle bodies.  

The GVS USA operations innovated the use of the micron rated depth media strainer in the automotive fuel tank.  Each new OEM product is designed and developed together with the client’s technical team or in the case of innovative proprietary products, the project is completed entirely within GVS.