Regulating the air/fuel mix by increasing or decreasing the volume of incoming air, throttle body system butterfly valves can be mechanical, electromotive or fully electronic (drive-by-wire). Valves can be mechanically linked to the accelerator pedal or can be controlled through a combination of accelerator pedal and ECU or exclusively through electronic signals from the engine management system. With more than 30 years of experience in valves and many tens of millions units released, GVS Automotive has been specializing in the production of butterfly valves.

GVS caught up to today’s levels of precision allowing us to claim our world-wide technological and market-share leadership. These results have been achieved thanks to unique process propositions allowing to obtain customers’ confidence and market differentiation.

For example: 

  • A wide range of available diameter sizes, from 34mm to over 64mm, ensure important time and cost reduction.
  • GVS’ experience in the internal design of the production systems and Italian CNC high precision lathe technology
  • enables us to maintain the high precision required by the valves (+/- 4 micron) at an industrial production level.
  • In order to guarantee the requested tolerances, humidity and temperature in the production areas are constantly controlled to cut down heat expansion, which would otherwise lead to an increase in the working tolerances.
  • GVS’ environmentally controlled production areas along with skilled working people’s awareness of every single micron part importance enable us to ensure superior cleaning in our products.
  • Thanks to GVS longstanding experience in advanced design technologies, methods of error prevention and control systems throughout the whole manufacturing process, our 0 PPM system comes out of constantly working in critical sectors such as medical, ABS brake systems and fuel injectors.
  • Aluminum, brass and special alloy properties knowledge and experience ensure GVS to succeed in matching high quality level and price to satisfy every demand in performance and cost while developing valves for throttle bodies with innovative materials such as plastic, plastic and metal combinations with toothed co-molded sector for DBW, as well as other innovative solutions.
  • A Metrological area with instruments for highly sophisticated working programs.
  • The quality control for valves can be assured by experienced technicians working with GVS for more than 20 years. Our technicians are specialized in the complicated field of metrology for valves and gears. This helps to avoid first timer (rookie) programming errors, mistakes in measuring particular units characterized by different angle sizes and surface measurements that could easily generate serious problems if not measured correctly.
  • For customers looking for particular work on the diameter, GVS also offers a post process allowing external angles to soften, therefore avoiding estate compromising but guaranteeing a better and immediate valve functionality by eliminating the traditional culvert adaptation period.
  • Extensive presence in the markets of reference finally allows GVS to follow you in every market, nationalizing your local projects.