Metallic shafts & insert molded shafts

GVS forged the need for high technology products, as a heavy user of metallic shafts for the throttle body.  Difficulty in securing high quality precision products in the market led GVS in 2005 to integrate processes into their own operations.  These processes could be tailored to the stamping process and utilize high precision stamps common to GVS.  Thanks to the experience development in shaft utilization, the extensive knowledge concerning production process weaknesses, and the decades of experience in working with valves, GVS invested heavily to integrate these processes in house and has become a leading manufacturer with a integrated automatic CNC (computer numerical control) center.

GVS’ high precision machine tools can produce work with a 5 micron margin. Highly skilled staff allow us to realize every kind of requested shaft respecting a high process effectiveness and the highest degree of precision. This automatic line has been completed with a high capacity induction hardening that guarantees an additional advantage to the line: the continuity of the production cycle through a stiff flow allowing related advantages such as quality, economizations and manufacturing organization. In the classic shaft production process, units are produced separately and then sent to be hardened externally.

They are then returned inside to be reworked. The whole line is automatically monitored by sensors constantly verifying the quality of the product. This guarantees process stability and repeatability, allowing controls that are not dependent upon human interventions (typically more than 20). This eliminates the extreme fragmentation of the process. Like any other product line, GVS distinguishes itself from other traditional producers thanks to a contamination controlled atmosphere and the awareness of its operating staff that perfectly understands cleanliness, precision, and the non-defective state requirements demanded during the next step of the process: the injection molding or the assembly phase in the throttle body. Both of these processes requires zero errors. The materials used can vary from stainless steels with a low carbon percentage to stainless steels characterized by high corrosion resistance that typically include:

  • AISI 420C
  • SAE 12L14
  • DIN 9SMnPb28K

The highly skilled staff at GVS, thanks to the complete in-house laboratory equipped with metallographic cutting machine, metallographic inserting device, polishing device, and microdurometer is able to quickly supply a statement on the quality and capacity produced from the line.

The key element of quality for shaft production is the centering technique points in the shaft used for the overmolding process. If correctly developed, they guarantee 0 defects in the finished product for the final user. This is the important GVS know how that, thanks to the deep knowledge of these techniques, can easily succeed to perfectly produce shafts with respect to the insert-molding requirements, ensuring the required quality from the beginning to the end of the process. With respect to all these points, GVS guarantees a strong process and a resulting product that is in compliance with the final customer requirements.