Fuel Tank Filters

This is an application sector where over the years GVS has introduced new solutions and considerably improved the standards of reference. GVS's highly innovative design skills provide solutions to a wide range of different filtering problems put forward by the clients, especially inserting the filter in very small spaces, optimizing the performances of the final product without compromises on filter specification.

GVS's wide range of media covers pore sizes from 10 to 190 microns. The Automotive division also works with other areas of GVS that specialise in other market sectors to offer the most innovate and efficient solutions to each design problem. These media's and designs can be tested at R&D stage through rapid prototyping where required.

With support of the internal GVS Filter testing laboratory, GVS can quickly process high performance non woven filter medias. These media's are consistently amongst the best performing on the market. GVS Prefilters and Fine Filters are used in fuel tank modules and a range of other applications.

The strong cross technology that has always distinguished the various areas of development enables GVS to propose filtering materials and innovative designs to increase performances and reduce the costs of their final products.

The leader in high production volumes with fully automatic overmolding processes, GVS today is highly flexible also in applications of medium and low volumes, exploring the new markets though new production plants in developing countries.