Breather Filters

  • Gas Cap Breather filters
  • Filler Neck filters
  • Tank Breather filters

Gas Cap Breather filters

Traditional Vehicle Gas caps function in multiple ways to protect and seal off the fuel tank system.  The gas cap screws into the top of the filler neck and seals to keep out debris and block fuel vapor leakage.  A filter can be incorporated into the gas cap for air venting during use.  The filter aids to block debris from entering the tank during cap removal and to allow for controlled escape path for air pressure when opening the tank.  This controlled pre-release of air reduces the possibility of any fuel expulsion from the tank towards the consumer.

Filler Neck filters

A newer trend is the use of filters in the fuel line of the filler neck.  This seeks to reduce and remove debris from the fuel before it enters the fuel tank.  A filter can be incorporated into the end of the filler neck with or without venting.

Tank Breather filters

The air pressure and volume changes internal to the fuel tank require compensation with air from outside.  This compensated air needs filtered to remove contaminant present in the incoming air.  The breather filter can be directly attached to the fuel tank or as a component to the carbon canister.  GVS provides unique Air Filters for tank breathers and carbon canisters that utilize filtration media designed to block water and humidity in the air from entering into the system.  Water vapor can affect fuel quality and carbon canister function.