Tank Filters (In-Tank Strainers, Filters, Inline Filters and Housed Assemblies)

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems are used in diesel engine applications to meet the world’s increasingly stringent NOx emissions standards.  Aqueous Urea Solution, Urea, AdBlue and DEF are terms used for the fluid used in the SCR systems.  This fluid is added to, “dosed” into, the exhaust of the diesel engine vehicles and a chemical reaction reduces the harmful fumes exiting into the environment.

Filtration of the Dosing fluid is needed to remove contaminants before dosing occurs.  GVS leveraged its extensive and proven knowledge in automotive fuel systems to develop patented high performance Dosing filters for the SCR tank system to maximize system performance. 

Over the years GVS technology has introduced new solutions and considerably improved the standards of reference in the SCR tank filters application sector. Highly innovative design skills allow GVS to solve a wide range of different filtration problems put forth by the clients, especially by providing special solutions with compact design for intricate installations, and optimizing the performances of the final product.