Ventilation Membrane Filters

With a production exceeding 5 billion pieces manufactured in the last 10 years and more than 800 million ventilation filters manufactured in 2005, GVS is the world leader in the production of injection molded ventilation valves for electronics packaging and waterproof ventilation filters for window motors, and wipers, and membranes for air, temperature or pressure sensors.

Retaining water and simultaneously allowing air to pass freely through the filter media, vent filters enable continuous exchange of gases and vapors. This provides pressure equalization within the auto parts enclosures that are often exposed to fast temperature fluctuations, causing extreme changes in internal pressure, and reducing condensation, protecting electrical parts from pollution and liquid.

Vented closures prevent housing distortion due to:

  • Product off-gassing
  • Oxygen scavenging/product migration
  • Changes in temperature
  • Changes in altitude
  • Dispensing

The applications range from temperature, water and oil sensors, electronic power boxes and ABS control, electric windscreen and lighting systems to the whole innovative mechatronics with IP specifications.

More than 60 different types of membranes allow GVS clients to choose the best solution in terms of performance, quality and price. GVS’ experience of industrial production in the membrane sector dates back 28 years, when major technological investments and a wide range of innovative patents allowed them to confront the leaders of the sector with confidence. Today GVS has become the market’s main point of reference for very high volume productions.


GVS microporous membranes range in pore size from 0.2 to 1.2 micron, covering lifetime needs for water intrusion resistance and air permeability.  Our proprietary surface treatments enhance the hydro-repellency and oleorepellency of the membrane.

  • Horn Filters
  • Insert molded ventilation valves for ECU, ABS, Power-train and Window anti-trap unit, Climate control units.
  • Insert molded ventilation filters for window motors, wipers, air sensors, oil temp. pressure sensors, water temperature and mechatronics, headlamps, fog-lamps.
  • Patches and Adhesive membranes