Electric power windows driver

Original lifting mechanisms making car windows go up and down, were first introduced in the 1940’s. They have been extensively developed during the past few decades with several additional features such as automatic up/ down, window control from outside and courtesy power-on function. It’s driven by a small electric engine attached to a gear reduction system with a self-locking feature allowing it to lift and affix to the window glass. 

The powering motor can be switched by a control panel and distributed by two side contacts allowing the windows to run in different directions when selected. The window control is usually integrated in the door along with  power-mirror, power-lock and power-seat controls.. An integrated relay is charged to transmit the power to the window control. 

An electric power window driver is one of the traditional applications for the GVS membrane filter  designed to meet different requirements for the latest compact, quieter and lighter generation of car window drives. Actual power window rotor and gearbox materials now enable us to develop extremely high-tech devices, characterized by a significant simplification thanks to a reduction in the number of components compared to the past.

By separating different housings for electronic controls and regulating systems, avoiding moisture contact, allowing developing water vapor to leave the system and preventing rain water to enter through the membrane, GVS electric power window driver filters now equip many power window systems used by the most important manufacturers in the world.