Engine crankcase ventilation

The crankcase ventilation system (CVS) is a one way passage for the blowby gases to escape in a controlled and filtered manner from the crankcase of a combustion engine.  Crankcase blow-by gases are sources of particulate emissions loss of lubricating oil and cause fouling of external surfaces and unregulated emissions.



Filter Media: Oil-repellent GVS Fortex membrane

Other Insert: Acrylic  adhesive layer

Operating temperature

For Automotive and non-Automotive applications, higher temperature resistance types available upon request

Storage temperature Range

GVS recommends to store the product in cool dry conditions (22°C, 50%RH) and out of direct sunlight.

Adhesive parts are most easily removed from the product carrier within one year of packaging date.

GVS carries the expertise to design and manufacture open and closed crankcase ventilation systems required to meet the stringent emission regulations for motorcycles, automotive and commercial vehicles along with off highway constructions, forestry, agriculture and recreational vehicles.


  • Vehicles lighting systems: foglamp, rearlamp, headlamp
  • Electronic power boxes
  • Innovative mechatronics / ECU - Electronic Control Units Sensor
  • Horns
  • Dashboard, HMI Panels